Are endless to-do's and stress overwhelming your people?
Bring in a content-rich, high-energy, and fun motivational keynote speaker to light up the room, reengage your people and leave easily actionable take-aways!

Too many people who are 'nice for a living' go home at the end of the day with their 'nice' all used up and their 'best' nowhere to be found. I get it, that was my life; does that sound like yours?

They are frustrated (and maybe even a little saddened) by the lack of the time, energy, and motivation to give their best to the people they love most, that matter most, and that they care about the most (including themselves!).

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It's Time To Recharge, Reenergize, and Revitalize!

People appreciate working with me so that they can:
Prioritize themselves (guilt-free) and build better relationships, both personally & professionally.
Find more time, energy, and motivation for what's really important.
Discover easily actionable (and fun) ideas that benefit both work & home life!
I know of your struggles; I had the juggles, too! ; ) Along with being a nurse who could 'do it all,' I had 4 pets, 3 kids, 2 businesses, 1 spouse, and 0 cleaning people!
I ended up with a burnout story and a wake-up call you won't soon forget. BUT...I bounced forward (and still kept the kids and spouse) - and you can, too!

Here's a bit about me:

  • Certified Speaking Professional (the highest earned speaking designation, globally)
  • Spoken from the Mayo Clinic to the Middle East
  • 800+ programs delivered worldwide
  • Virtual, hybrid, and in-person presenter
  • Multi-titled non-fiction author (1 kid's picture book & music videos and 1 secret fiction book - shhh)
  • 250+ recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Last-placed triathlete (and proud of it!)

And for you academics...

According to an independent assessor, a pre- & post-event survey (based on paired samples t-test conducted using SPSS12) showed that after spending time in Stephanie’s sessions, participants showed they perceived statistically significant increases in feelings of:

- happiness
- hopefulness
- control
- empowerment to make necessary changes
- empowerment to create positive change in the world &
- their knowledge of strategies to deal with stressors & challenges in their lives.

Did I mention we have FUN!? 


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I'm already excited about working with your group!

Let's partner to create an exceptional experience for our participants!
"Positive, high-energy and fun!
Stephanie was inspiring, positive, high-energy and fun! She kept the audience captivated in a virtual format without PowerPoint slides!”

- Shelley Morris, Executive Director - Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada

Steph was funny, down-to-earth, and inspirational. She reached out to me several times during the planning phase, just to make sure that she understood our audience well. Highly recommended and I hope to work with her again!”

- Jennifer Hamilton
Public Health Program Director, TN

"Stephanie is an engaging, inspiring, and authentic speaker whose positivity and energy shine through!
She was also incredibly accessible, making time to speak with us to make sure she understood our needs and delivered an exceptional event. Thank you, Stephanie, for all the practical tips we can implement today to help us transition to our new normal.”

- Mary Meffe

"An amazing, interactive keynote program.
Thank you for an amazing, interactive keynote program; your energy and message were awesome! It was such a perfect way to start our conference! We’ll definitely want to work with you again!!”

- Robert Vande Merwe
CEO Idaho Health Care Association (IHCA)

People Love the Motivating, Entertaining, and Actionable Content

We got this! Partnering with me is simple:
Step 1 - Let's Connect
Book a call to discuss your objectives for the event and see if I'm a great fit.
Step 2 - Make A Plan
That's my job! Based on your wishes, my content is curated just for you!
Step 3 - Blow Them Away!
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the edu-tainment; yep, I totally got ya!
RELAXED, CONFIDENT, HAPPY - that's how you'll feel when you know you've landed the right speaker!
You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your people will get a transformational experience.

And that you secured the right speaker with the right message to positively impact, influence and celebrate your important audience!

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