What if your body could talk?

Well, it can of course, it talks to us all the time. The better question might be, what if we listened when our bodies talked?

I'm going to listen to my body right now and write down what it's saying...

My shoulders - I'm a little sore from the upper body work you've been doing. I know you want to do the monkey bars, but you don't have to practice every day, we deserve a break. Also, could you stretch us out after, please?

My stomach - I am neither hungry nor full, I am just right at this time. I know you want to eat just because it's yummy and but I feel bloated and gross when you put too much sugar or dairy in me. Can you please stop after just one little treat, just because it's there doesn't mean you have to eat it. I know it's hard, but you can do hard things.

My eyes - We feel sensitive, can you please put on sunglasses more often? And hey, we know you don't want to hear this, but we are getting older and you should probably get a pair of those drugstore glasses.

I know you think it's a sign of aging - and maybe it is, but if you think of it like you are helping us, help you, it could be a win-win! 

My butt - Hello, you bought a stand-up desk, why have you been sitting on me for three hours? GET UP!!

My feet - We hike, we peddle, we dance, we walk, and you know, if you triple-folded that old yoga mat, and we stood on that for a few hours, we wouldn't mind standing up at the desk at all! 

My hands - Do you have any idea what I do for you all day? When is the last time you stopped and gave a little appreciation to us? We feed you, bathe you, clothe you, pack your groceries, play sports, we even wipe your a&# (and the sweet little butts of the babies you love). Also, among other things, we are typing this message for you, how about a nice hand massage every once in a while? 


Wow, that was actually a really cool experience! I will definitely do this experience again and I highly recommend this quick, easy and interesting way to listen to you your body! Try it solo, at a meeting, or around the dinner table - you just never know what you may hear!  

What's your body saying right now and what are you going to do about it?

Cheering for you, Steph


Photo credit Janis Jean Photography  - My daughter, Kara, and I, on Sidney Spit Island, BC using our feet! Here is the link to a short article I wrote about our mini adventure, in case you want to visit! 

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