She is a colleague, she is a friend, and she is a powerhouse who lives an awesome example of personal and professional success. Let me introduce you to Michelle Cederberg.  

We often look at people who seem 'successful' (whatever that is) and assume all the juicy goodness has come easily and effortlessly to them. We see the smooth duck gliding on the water, but we are not privy to the blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes, not to mention the financial investments.

Michelle and I partnered together with a Mastermind Group over a decade ago to write our first books. I think we can both confidently say those books would not have happened without that initial Mastermind. While we have both gone on to write other books and have other successes (and failures), our paths diverged for a while. 

Until, a while back, Michelle was inspired by my social media post encouraging people to donate blood. She took me up on the challenge and now has 7 donations behind her - she says she feels great about being able to donate.

I was so happy and I responded that she had also inspired me. She had made a public commitment to post a video a week for 1 year and she did it!  So if you’ve been reading the GoodeNewsletter you know that I recently made a commitment to take my very sporadic, when-I-feel-like-writing, a more regular thing - once a week for 52 weeks. Thank you, Michelle.

Well, that got us to talking and catching up and brainstorming and poof, we have become Power Partners to create a rolling 12-month calendar of spectacularity!   

I told Michelle I was going to a special event in Denver that I thought would be in alignment with our goals. The good news was I could get her a free ticket and the bad news was it was just three weeks away. As we spoke she looked it up, signed up and bought her airline ticket.

  • Luck favours people of action. 
  • Luck favours people who make decisions.
  • Luck favours people who know what they want.
  • Luck favours those who are willing to invest in themselves.
  • Luck favours the doers.

Successful people are lucky?  Maybe, but I don’t think it's just that. 

Now...your life, your version, your plan... 

What do you need to stop thinking about and start acting on?

What are you willing to invest in?

Who is on a similar trajectory that may inspire, encourage and kick your butt if needed?


Don't wait for Monday, the first of the month, the new year - start now and create a rolling new year!

Cheering for you, as always, Steph

PS - Please consider giving blood if you can.

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