How do you feel right now? Right now. Like right, right now?

How do you feel after you get off the phone with…, when you come out of Costco, when you finish your meal,  when you see your neighbor? Asking yourself this simple question can give you a little glimpse into the future, your future, a future you may design and you may prefer.

If you don’t like how you feel after said situation, maybe it’s time to change things up a bit.

And/or, try this game-changing question…

Ask yourself what you like, what you really like. Not what you used to like or what you think you should like or what someone else likes, but what you like.

Sometimes we are so busy taking everyone else likes into consideration – we lose sight of what even matters to us.

I hope you take time out of your life to listen or watch this month’s Talk Reel podcast. Barry Lews Green and I have a cool convo with Shelley Hewins Brown. You may not know her name (yet) but you will not soon forget her story and some of her life lessons. Listen in to hear ideas, insights, and inspiration in this three-way convo. Find out more as we unpack the above questions and these little tidbits below:

– setting your guards down
– moving from fired to (re)framed
– judging is normal; condemning is not
– life is like countries, some we’ve explored and want to go back to,  some we don’t want to explore again and some we don’t want to visit in the first place
– reTIREing; the rediscovery phase of life
– the most interesting people in life know what they like
– live UP to your hereos
– a cool superpower is drawing really great people into your circle of life

It was a great convo, I hope you can listen!

Revitalizing hope, health & happiness, Steph