Creating a Lifestyle Business

Quote: ”Legom” is a Danish word, and it means just enough. So basically, we have this number that I need to earn for us to have that.” Stephanie Staples

We’re always talking about creating the perfect lifestyle and the business of your dreams, and for each of us, that will look much different. What remains the same is that we all have a vision of what we would like our life to be and, hopefully, a plan to get there. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome CSP Stephanie Staples to share her insights on how she has achieved creating a business that allows her to live the life she’s dreamed about and how you can too. 

Stephanie is a master motivator and revitalization specialist and has worked internationally as a keynote speaker from the Mayo Clinic to the Middle East, delivering idea-packed programs proven to increase feelings of hope, happiness, empowerment and the ability to apply actionable, positive change for participants.  Plus, they are fun!

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What’s your magic number? [2:30]
  • Taking a giant leap. [5:30]
  • What’s your perfect day? [9:30]
  • Take advantage of the travel. [11:30]
  • Make connections instead of networking. [16:00]
  • Your lane can (and will) evolve. [20:30]
  • Your business is nobody else’s business. [24:00]
  • Sharing your gifts is enough. [31:00]

Stephanie is a multi-titled (non-best-selling) author with eclectic qualifications that combine learnings from her background in healthcare, journalism, fitness and communications. Steph has some unique insights and tools to share. She has founded three businesses, two successfully and one a flop. This rewired nurse is a mom of three, Lolli of two and wife of one, a (last-placed) triathlete and a BIG JA (and Monica) fan! 

If you want some great ideas to help you plot out your perfect lifestyle and the business of your dreams, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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