If you've ever wondered if you are 'enough' - this may be the podcast for you! Barry, Christine and I unpacked 'enoughness' and I share my rant...


The best or nothing

Go big or go home

You can have it all

Rah, rah, I want to be your cheerleader, your greatest fan

But I disagree with the motivational posters

Which is probably bad when you are a motivational speaker

But it is my truth so I speak it now, I give voice to how I really feel

And I feel like good enough is enough.

Part way is better than no way, some is better than none, and done is better than perfect

Put that on a poster and see how you like it 

But allow me to explain

I am not the best, so am I nothing?

I am not going big, why do I have to  go home?

I will never have it all, everything comes at a cost, after all.

Does that make me less than or not good enough?

Please, don’t insult me with your platitudes 

For I am standing up for being good enough

I am full, so I say no thanks to more food - that’s  enough

I am satisfied, so I say no thanks to more drinks, that’s enough

I am content, so I say no thanks, a good night kiss, yes that is enough

I am happy, so I say no thanks to more stress, pressure, obligations - that’s really enough

This upsets me, I won’t tolerate anymore, so I say, that’s enough,

But the world doesn’t seem to be content with good enough.

Do we look good enough?

Are we fit enough?

Are our teeth white enough?

Are we young enough?

Smart enough?

Capable enough?

All to which I answer yes - yes - yes - you are enough, good enough, more than enough.

Let no one, no one, no one tell you differently.

You are just right.

Just where you are supposed to be.

Just who you are supposed to be at this place in time.

Are you good enough?

Am I?

 Yes, yes, yes - we are.


Let no one, no one, tell us differently. StephanieStaples.ca