Maybe it's not more time that we need, it's more space. 

I've been contemplating this lately if they gave me another 2 hours in my day, I would eat that up as I do the current 24 hours that I am given. 

Maybe what we need is more intention. 

                                            Space + Intention + Action = Improved Life

In Gabor Mate's latest book, The Myth of Normal *,  I was fascinated by the section on something he called Compassionate Inquiry - not just for others, as one might think, but for one's self.

Compassion - having no expectation that people should be other than what they are.

Inquiry - an open-ended exploration, assuming we do not already have the right answer or have not asked the right questions.

My take on this is that we (especially the people reading this!) are often very compassionate with other people, but less so with ourselves. What would be like if we used this technique for ourselves, ie - Self-Compassionate Inquiry?

Mate suggests 5 questions to ask yourself regularly and pen the answers to -

Q1 - Where in my life have I said yes, when I wanted to say no?

Q2 - How does my inability to say no impact my life?

Q3 - What signals/symptoms from my body have I been ignoring?

Q4 - What is my hidden story behind my inability to say no?

Q5 - Where have I ignored or denied a yes that I wanted to say?

I'd love to see what happened if we took a little space to contemplate the questions and the answers this week and come from a place of Self-Compassionate Intention (I just made that up, but I like it!).

Intention to show ourselves compassion by putting our mental health before material wealth or well, really anything else! 

Intention to show up as the best version of ourselves for those who love us most. 

Intention to add to our community to make it better, not just consume what we feel entitled to.

Intention to honour and communicate our true feelings.

Intention to create a life that works for you - not other people's version of what 'right' is.

Intention to model self-compassion in a world where we are so hard, and sometimes even mean, to ourselves.

Intention to...

Now, action!  What was uncovered and what one little thing can/will you do differently?

                                            Space + Intention + Action = Improved Life

You got this! Steph

*This is just my interpretation of a small part of this insightful and educational read, please dive into the book yourself for a much more thorough understanding. 


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