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My friend, an avid cyclist, was shocked to witness his bike in the process of being stolen. In an effort to save his coveted mode of transportation, he proceeded to get into a literal tug-of-war with the thief. When it appeared that each man had an equally strong grip on the bike, the thief said, "Well, do you have some change then?" 

This story made me think about all the times I act a certain way because I am not getting what I want. I lash out coming from a place of guilt or fear or frustration. I make people guess what will please me, or what I need. 

How much better, easier, and kinder would it be instead to simply state what I want, what I need, and what I desire?  I don't need the bike, I just need some change, so to speak.

Just because people love you, they can't read your mind. 

Just because people have known you for a long time, it doesn't mean that they should know what you need right now. 

Just because you are important to them, it doesn't mean they are responsible to make you happy.

It's our job to ask for what we need, personally & professionally. 

There is something I need, that I want, that I have not been asking for. It's time to ask. Isn't it something that it took this bike tug of war to help me figure it out?

What do you need this week? What will you ask for?

Cheering for you, Steph : )


Good News - Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Felicity Fishman at Shriners Children’s Chicago is using her gift to make a bad break a little bit better! #UseYourGifts   
On the Night Table - The Myth of Normal -  Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture by Gabor Maté - I'm learning so, so much.


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