While virtual events are lingering and hybrid is up'n coming, in-person remains a fan-favorite!  

To eclectic groups like the Medical Geneticists and Women in Agriculture, whether being translated into French, to being interpreted into America Sign Language, in gorgeous theatres, or in the back of a vet clinic, I was so, so, so happy to be back to in-person events in 2022. 

Testimonials mean the world to small business people - is there someone who has gone above and beyond in 2022 that you can acknowledge?  A Google or Facebook review or a line or two on LinkedIn is wonderful social proof of a job well done; a card, a short email note or even a quick text can mean the world to someone working hard to make an impact. I am so grateful to the people who shared their wins with me and I try to return the favor by acknowledging someone/some business at least monthly(I put it on my calendar because I have one of those short memories!). 

If you have the occasion to hire a speaker for one of your events, I promise to deliver as I have for the clients below...

Here are a few reviews for your review!

2022 Meeting Professionals/Audience Reviews

“Stephanie was our closing keynote speaker at TN Department of Health’s statewide conference for Health Educators in February 2022. She was phenomenal! Steph was also funny, down-to-earth, and inspirational. She reached out to me several times during the planning phase, just to make sure that she understood our audience well. I appreciated that she took the time to do that. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone and hope to work with her again!” Jennifer Hamilton, TN Public Health Program Director (Meeting Planner)

“Stephanie brought love and laugher to our virtual conference, she did an amazing job.” Cathy Szmaus, VP-Operations, BC CareProviders

Stephanie shared her passion, energy, and wisdom to the Spark Women's Leadership Conference as a keynote speaker. Stephanie went the extra mile for our team and the attendees at a time when we needed her energy and strategies. She is truly part of the Spark family. We would recommend her to any group that needs an authentic, honest, and insightful lift-up that is filled with laughter based on experiences we can all relate to.” Jennifer Moore, SPARK Leadership Conference Chair

“Great Session!” Billie Carter, CEO at Schleicher County Medical Center,TX

“The feedback was incredible for your sessions, it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend.” Ashley Craven, CMP, CAMRT

Exceptional presentation!” Karen Vince, Vice President CINUP

“You have really helped me gain back my positive outlook on myself & my life!” Jennifer Galambas, RN London Health Sciences Centre

“Awesome job! Lots of take-aways for everyone. Love your style and personal connections.” Paul Starr,  Development & Training Specialist, Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

“Thank you for sharing just what I needed to hear! Your presentation was truly revitalizing!”  Trixie Vanderschaaff, CNO - Chief Nursing Officer at St Anthony Summit Medical Center (Centura)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your awe-inspiring presentation!” Bev Dye 

“Thank you for an incredible ‘lecture’ at TODS Dental Conference.” Natasha  Steveson, RDH

“Amazing, it was truly one of the best experiences of my life. You delighted every person in that theatre.” Carmel Ecker

“Thank you for the amazing, fun and inspirational evening; I enjoyed every minute of your presentation!” Carol Johnston

“Stephanie your performance tonight was wonderful, funny, and engaging.” Susan Lockwood

“Talk about “surprise and delight”, you totally bring it during the whole time!  Your energy is very contagious which was obvious after a short time as the whole room continually responded to you and leaned in to each of your directions, from singing to sharing. I have to confess to feeling a trifle chagrined when you said the time was up.” April Prinz, ReMax Realty

“Fabulous, Steph you rocked the room and provided so much inspiration.” Shell Langille

You made time disappear!” John Westhaver

“It was like the entire audience had one heartbeat.” Lina Streltov

Truly amazing and inspiring!"

Spectacular! You have the ability to take beautiful, simple concepts and make them so extremely impactful for change. Thank you for sprinkling your magic upon the room and especially my life.” Holly Dale Bye

“You were amazing, I loved it! I cried, I laughed, I even sang!” Kathy Painter

“I’m in shock and awe as I think about the gifts you gave to each person in the room. You gave us laughter, tears, advice, tools, smiles (my face still hurts), song, brilliant stories, a taste of choir, new friends and a kick in the pants. Time flew by and I loved every second of it.” Frances Carera 

“What a fun evening you provided! Your talent to weave stories with powerful positive messages is awesome!” Amanda Brownlie

“Thank you for an amazing, interactive keynote program; your energy and message were awesome! It was such a perfect way to start our conference! We’ll definitely want to work with you again!!” Robert Vande Merwe, CEO Idaho Health Care Association (IHCA)

Stephanie was a keynote speaker and breakout facilitator for our CONNECT - The Heart of the Farm Conference in Saskatoon. She put on an incredible keynote and breakout sessions for us during the conference. I would highly recommend Stephanie for any group if you are wanting to challenge your thinking and have an inspiring keynote or breakout address!” Shelby LaRose, PAg, CCA Nutrien Ag Solutions, Sk Women in Ag Conference

“Thanks so much for your recent excellent presentation at the OPCC.  It is unanimous here, your presentation was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Your ability to read the room and provide meaningful and provoking thoughts to everyone, despite their diverse backgrounds and experience is a gift to be relished. I have heard many ongoing conversations in which folks are discussing and trying the tools you have provided.  Tom Steenvoorden | Executive Director – Oversight Operations | Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner

“You did a fabulous job kicking off the event; you energized our crowd, connected with our audience and most importuning you really got them thinking! There have been so many comments of praise for your keynote and sessions!” Kendall Gee, SK Women in Ag Connect ’22 Conference

“It truly was a joy to have you join us and our entire team is very impressed you held that audience for 4 hours with no a/v. We look forward to working with you again.”  Lane Shupe, Meeting planner Thompson Okanagan Dental Society 

“That wasn’t the best rap I’ve ever heard (with all due respect), but your message and energy were outstanding. Just what we needed!” Jon Henderson CEO/President TORCH. (Texas Association of Rural & Community Hospitals)

Amazing presentation, Stephanie!” Willie Woo, Director Of Business Development at Complete Purchasing Services / QUASEP

“It was a pleasure to have you speak at the IHCA event. The song you wrote was powerful and really resonated with me. You are a very memorable speaker.” Mac McCalluum, LNHA, HFA Regional Vice President Of Operations at Majestic Care

“Thank you, Stephanie. Very realistic and do-able.” Cynthia Unger, College of Medical Technologists of Mb.  

“Such great feedback from our team and the attendees as about your session.”  Amanda Leaver | Complete Purchasing Services / GESPRA and QUASEP | Program Marketing Manager 

Super helpful!” Aurelia Haywood College of Medical Technologists of Mb.  

“Well done! Useful in all aspects of our life - our job is to use our tools. They do work.” Cynthia Patrick  College of Medical Technologists of Mb.

“What an inspiring presentation!! Thank you so much!!!” Regena Witzaney College of Medical Technologists of Mb.

“You provided so many engaging & refreshing ideas!” Cecilia Owsley, COO Guardian Angel Homes Senior Living

“Stephanie was the opening keynote for our annual national conference in April of 2022. She was a dream to work with and really put in the effort to get to know our members and create an inspiring keynote that was relevant to them. Here is what one attendee had to say 'Stephanie was amazing: she knows exactly how draining it can be to be “nice for a living” (such a great way of putting it!) and had some fantastic tips of how to refill our cups for ourselves and our loved ones!’ I would certainly recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to start their event with positivity and energy!” Ashley Craven, Manager, Conferences and Events, Corporate Partnerships - CAMRT


“I have a list of helpful tips to incorporate not only into my professional life but my personal life well. You were great, thank you!” Nichole Claiborne, Executive Director - Terrace Health


“Your energy & message were outstanding; just what we needed!” John Henderson, CEO TORCH

“Thank you again for the great session. The group walked away with great new ideas for their tool kits!” Stacy Gill, Director, Human Resources at Fusion Credit Union

“You gave an awesome, engaging presentation! Sean West, CT/MRT Vancouver Coastal Health

“Such an engaging speaker.” Trina Gulay, CAMRT

“Amazing talk from Stephanie Staples!” Great speaker & motivator to revitalize our work & life. We laughed, we made it rain and we are so much better for it.” Ada Bunko 

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