This is my new speaker reel - it's been a long time coming (I have demonstrated procrastination at its best, thank you very much). As much as you can love the uncomfortable promotion of yourself - I can say I love this video!

If you've seen me speak or know me personally, I hope you feel this reflects the energy and personality that I bring on and off stage.

The wonderful video storytelling team behind the magic is the husband-wife duo of Adera Angelucci & Ryan Smith from SpiroCreative. They worked long and hard with, and for, me.

As we were working over the weeks (months?!) I liked what was happening, but I didn't love it - yet. I showed it to my ever-honest Power Partner, Michelle and she said, "Don't settle if you don't love it, tell them!"

I understood what she was saying but I knew I wouldn't tell them. I would settle because I didn't want to be difficult to work with or picky or 'that customer' but when they asked if I 'loved' it - I thought...

Well...I liked it; it was much better than what I had had and they were a dream to work with and they had already gone above and beyond...

But nope, that 'I liked it' was not good enough for them, they insisted we keep working until I loved it. 

And now I do!

Now...your life, your version, your plan...

Sometimes good enough is good enough and sometimes we need to speak up to get what we want.

Even if it's uncomfortable, even if it makes you feel 'bad', even if you don't want to be any 'trouble'. 

In my experience, thinking about speaking up, psyching myself up to speak up and imagining all the possible scenarios if I speak up is usually far more hassle than actually speaking up.

What's going on in your world that you are settling for?

What will it take for you to speak up and ask (respectfully) for what you want/need?

People can't read our minds (even if they like/love you!), it's our responsibility to use our voices to be heard.

You deserve that!

I hope you love the video and if you are so inclined to pass it along to someone in the meeting planning space, I would be ever grateful to have the opportunity to revitalize your company, association, members or team! 

All the best, Steph  

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