When you put yourself on stage (or anywhere, really) - you put yourself in a position to be judged. No matter how hard you try, how much you want to please, how much you do or give, some people won't be happy. Period.

Over the last 15 years, I have had my share of horrible feedback and nasty letters with harsh words that still sting my ears ('you are lost and hopeless' circa 2012). I'm one of those 'highly sensitive people' so it's hard to let go of their biting words. 

Luckily the majority of people are kind and grateful and acknowledge that I am doing my part to make the world a bit better.

Because those positive messages mean so much to me and it seems to take so many of them to counter the negative ones, I started a little positivity project last year. 

I have a daily reminder set for 8:30 pm to ask myself who made a positive difference in my day (in thought or action). I reflect and then send a little note to the person with some kind words about their attributes and how they made my day better or impacted me.  

I jot down their names in my notes and it wasn't until I decided to share this idea with you today that I counted how many people were on my list - 199 as of this morning. This doesn't include the people who got the shout-out twice. I was a bit in shock by that number - when you just do one at a time over a long period, it doesn't seem like much, but clearly it adds up.  And no, I don't do it every, every day. 

I have been 'spreading the love' over the last year or so via...

- texts (the majority)

- face-to-face

- shout out on social media

- phone calls 

- handwritten notes

- small gifts

- reviews on Google, Linkedin, and/or company websites 

It's been a great way to wrap up the day and finish on a positive note! 

Now...your life, your version, your plan...

How would you feel if you implemented this idea, or some version of it, into your life? 

Would it be realistic to put a daily reminder on your phone or perhaps on your calendar once a month or once a week, if daily seems too overwhelming?

Might even just reflecting on who made your day a little easier, better, or lighter brighten your spirits?

Who made a positive difference for you in the last 24 hours? Tell them, and then you can even tell me!


It's a tough old world, and letting people know when they do good is one more way you can live Your Life, Unlimited!

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