This is what my custom phone e-sig currently looks like; it reflects my love for positivity, fun and learning Spanish.

Before we get to this week's thought, I want to say...

Thank you for allowing me in your inbox. Even if you don't read every issue, that's okay, I appreciate you letting me into your busy life.

Thank you to every single one of you who has ever replied, complimented, and/or engaged with my newsletter.  I try to respond to everyone, every time. I appreciate you!

In October I committed to sending out the GoodeNewsLetter every week for a year, instead of my sporadic offerings of the past. This week, I will celebrate 4 months of honoring that commitment, and while every month may not be an earth-shattering, game-changing, wow - I am doing it.

Quite honestly, I'm not convinced every week is the way to go, it seems like a lot, both for me and for you. Maybe every second week would be better.  What do you think?

What do you do when you make a commitment but it doesn't seem quite right? Do you course correct?

So now, a pet peeve of mine, nothing worth whining about at all but all in the spirit of wanting to help...

Have you ever received an email from someone, and at the bottom appears a default e-signature setting that says...

                                 'Sent from my iPhone' or 'Get Outlook for Android' or something like that?

It drives me bonkers!


Because that default setting does not make the world a better place. 

Because these companies don't need us to be advertising for free for them. 

And most importantly...

Because that phrase does not reflect you or your thoughts and feelings.

Now...your life, your version, your plan...

If you agree with me, invest a few minutes to change the default setting of your e-signature to something that reflects you and your personality.

Change it** to:

  • an inspirational quote you like
  • a joke or bit of humor
  • a personalize salutation
  • something thought-provoking
  • a seasonal greeting
  • a book, movie or other recommendation
  • a tip in your area of interest
  • your personal mantra
  • ____________?

Do you see where I'm going here? 

Every time you sign off, you will see your personal e-signature, it will reinforce your message to others and to yourself.

You can change it once and be done forever or you can change it frequently, totally your call. 

Your email signature is like your fingerprint, it's yours, and personalizing it is just one more way to help you express yourself and therefore live Your Life, Unlimited

Buenas Vibras (Good Vibes), Steph 
**Google, how to change my default e-mail signature for iPhone or Andriod. It's super easy!

This week's On the Road with Steph (2.5 minutes) shares one of the most important and life-changing pieces of advice I've ever received...

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