How do you feel about To-do lists?  

Some people love them and the shot of dopamine that they get when they cross something off. Yes, I may have written something on my list once or twice that I had already done so that I could check it off right away!

While they have their place for sure, it may be cool to create another list that is a little more inspiring.

Here are some examples:

To-Be List - Who do I want to be this time next year and what do I have to do to become that person? I am someone who...

Opportunity List - Start collecting opportunities that cross your path or that you want to cross your path.

Gratitude List - Keep it (and a nice pen) somewhere you will see it and use it often; perhaps on your kitchen table, night table, by the remote control, or even in the bathroom.  We used to pass one around the supper table and talk about what we wrote

Learning List - track things you have learned, books you have read, documentaries or TED talks you watched.

Fun & Relaxation List - Track things you love doing and the dates you last did them - it may remind you that you are overdue for some extreme self-care.

RAK List - Jot down random acts of kindness that you notice or do for others - it's nice to reflect on when the world is getting you down.

Ta-Duh List - Big or small wins that I'd like some recognition for (a three-hour hike, I held my cool in a tough situation, I cleaned the bathroom - anything goes!).

Adventure/Life/Bucket List - Whichever name inspires you more, these are cool things you want to/will do. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University in California, found that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down.

Now...your life, your version, your plan...

Do any of these list ideas resonate with you?

Do you have an idea for a list that I haven't mentioned?

Is there a list you could do jointly with a partner, friend, or work team?

Harnessing the power of lists and writing things down, it's one more way to live Your Life, Unlimited!  Steph 

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