Don't get freaked out about the whole 'year' thing (see my last post about a rolling new year). Consider a word (or theme) of the day, month, quarter or sure even for the whole year

.Consider a WOTY just for yourself or having one with your partner, bestie, book club and/or family; this could provide a cool point of focus throughout the year as you go deep and explore the word/theme. 

Points for having one...

 - keep a clear handle on what you want to focus on

 - help you decide what to say yes (no) to

 - bring others on board adding an extra bit of support (and accountability) 

What word(s) to choose?

This year my theme is 'Long Term'; I'm thinking about this in terms of relationships, mental & physical health, attitudes, finances, my professional life et al.

If an idea that jazzes you up doesn't pop into your head immediately, a quick Google search..."list of ideas for word of the year - images" will yield you many results.

How to keep your word top of mind...

  • make it your desktop/phone screensaver
  • set a reminder on your phone to it pops up
  • dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror
  • Post-It Note in your medicine cabinet
  • refrigerator magnet with your word on it
  • custom piece of jewelry with your word on it
  • put the word on a screen saver
  • Set a reminder on your phone that flashes your word daily
  • Create a Vision Board with your word as the focal point

My history of WOTY…

2023 - Long Term 

2022-  Revitalization

2021 - Vitality

2020 - Vision (way off on this one! )

2019 - Lifestyle

2018 - Scrabble

2017 - ReWire

2016 - What if…

2015 - Grow

2014 - Healthy

2011 - Delight  - I literally wrote something every day that delighted me.

2009 - Rejoice

This and that...

Aw! Volunteers make kid's drawings of snowmen come to life for sick children.  

On my Nightable - Wolfpack - How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power & Change the Game by acclaimed soccer star Abby Wambach. It's an inspiring read; my takeaway - after she would score she would start to point to all the people that made the goal possible..."point to the teammate who assisted, point to the defender who protected, point to the midfielder who ran tirelessly, point to the coach show dreamed up the play, point to the player on the bench who will this moment to happen."  When you score in life - start pointing! 

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